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R3 Environmental Systems was recently announced as a winner of the 2022 Spotlight on New Technology™ award. Read more >

Halifax-based R3 Environmental Systems receives international award for breakthrough technology

March 30, 2021

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HALIFAX, N.S.- A Halifax-based waste management company has received an international award for their breakthrough technology that will greatly minimize waste in the drilling industry.

R3 Environmental Systems was recently announced as one of the 14 recipients of the 2022 Spotlight on New Technology™ awards. This prestigious award is presented by the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC)—a flagship industry event held annually in Houston, Texas, welcoming over 60,000 professionals from more than 100 countries every year.

The recipients of this year’s prestigious award were selected based on factors such as novelty in the marketplace, level of innovation, demonstrated success of the technology, broad commercial appeal, as well as the ability to make a significant impact across the offshore industry.

“This award is a tangible recognition for the time, patience and hard work from our team here at R3,” says Jerry Scott, General Manger, R3 Environmental Systems. “There is no handbook for creating something that doesn’t exist yet, so we are incredibly proud to have found a solution to a significant challenge in the oil and gas industry.”

R3’s award-winning Vacuum Assisted Pure Oil Recovery technology is a safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly solution for recovering drilling fluid and water from waste that is generated during oil and gas drilling activities. The recovered fluid (marketed as SecondSource Drilling Fluid) has been independently verified as a chemical and physical equivalent to virgin drilling fluid, meaning it can be used as a direct substitute for virgin drilling fluid in the formulation of new drilling mud products. The unit is designed as a series of modules, making it highly portable and accessible for companies with remote exploration sites anywhere in the world.

“We are confident that this technology could significantly reduce the waste produced in the oil and gas sector,” says Patrick Rooney, Director of Manufacturing, Municipal Group of Companies. “It’s a small contribution to making this industry just a little bit greener.”

Part of the Municipal Group of Companies, R3 Environmental Systems—formerly Envirosoil—provides high-efficiency remediation, treatment, and reuse processes that encompass the treatment and recycling of contaminated soils, drilling mud and cuttings, and other impacted materials.