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Our Vacuum Assisted Pure Oil Recovery technology represents a significant milestone in environmental sustainability and stewardship for oil exploration and production activities. 

The advanced process developed in partnership with Astec Industries enables the complete recovery of valuable synthetic drilling fluid while generating almost no residual waste requiring landfilling or further treatment. No other commercially available technology can achieve the high-quality outputs of Vacuum Assisted Recovery while maintaining the same levels of safety, cost competitiveness, and ease of operation.

The high quality of the recovered drilling fluid makes it a direct substitute for virgin drilling fluid in the formulation of new drilling mud products, as certified by an independent review. As a result, companies can significantly reduce the amount of virgin drilling fluid that they need to purchase, transport, and eventually dispose of. The versatility of the recovered drilling fluid results not only in financial and logistical savings, it also helps reduce the greenhouse gas emission that result from oil exploration and production activities.

To produce a product that can serve as an alternative industrial fuel source, the Vacuum Assisted Recovery technology follows a two-stage process that consists of a high vacuum distillation unit (VDU) and a pelleting process. To learn more about the technology and the process, consult the documents below or contact our team of experts.

Key advantages:

A safe, cost-effective, and portable treatment solution for used drilling fluid
An innovative patented technology based on vacuum distillation
A regenerative process that yields reusable drilling fluid as well as water and a fuel pellet product

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