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Waste oil treatment is the process of recovering valuable resources from waste oil for reuse. Typically, waste oils are contaminated with water and solids that render them unusable; waste oil treatment enables the recovery of valuable resources for reuse. Our state-of-the-art processing facility can recover valuable oils from many types of waste oils such as automotive and motor oils, hydraulic oils, aviation fuels, and industrial lubricants. 

R3’s proprietary treatment process separates the valuable hydrocarbons from the water and solids. Once this separation is complete, the extracted oil is “polished” to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards for use as an alternate fuel source. The recovered oil can be reused as an alternate fuel that can power cement kilns, asphalt plants, industrial boilers and heaters, and power generators. 

Quality is front of mind throughout the treatment process. Prior to acceptance, R3 Environmental Systems collects waste oil samples for in-house analysis to ensure that the waste product is suitable for recovery and reuse. The product is tested further throughout the treatment process, resulting in a premium product with a high environmental benefit. 

Key advantages:


An ultramodern facility capable of recovering resources from a wide variety of waste oils
An alternative fuel for cement kilns, asphalt plants, power generators, and more
A quality-first approach at every step of the process

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