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R3 Environmental Systems’ solidification and stabilization process is a safe and cost-effective method of treating contaminated materials. The process, which involves mixing Portland cement and various reagents like ash, bentonite, or activated carbon into contaminated materials, protects human and environmental health by immobilizing the contaminants within the treated material. The cement reacts with the water present in the contaminated material, changing its physical and chemical properties to prevent the escape of the contaminants into the environment.

The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency has identified stabilization and solidification as a “best demonstrated available technology” for the treatment of more than 50 types of contaminants. The process is gaining in popularity across key sites in Canada, contributing to the sustainable redevelopment of urban and industrial properties.

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Key advantages:

A cost-effective cement-based method for immobilizing contaminated materials
An entirely portable treatment system, from the pugmill to the control unit

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